Meet Chrissy

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Hi there! I’m Chrissy, owner of Something Good Boutique. Nice to ‘meet’ you!

I stumbled into this world of fashion and reselling by being a young, broke millennial who was trying to sell her old prom dress from TEN years ago. (after 10 years of staring at her beauty, it was time to part ways…. plus, rent was due!)

Then, I thought to myself…

“Do I really need those heels that I wore to so and so’s wedding?”

“I’ve only worn this dress once…”

and before I knew it, my closet was empty and my wallet was full!

I became so on point with today’s trends, started reading about different designers, watched live streams of fashion week in New York. I paid attention to store windows and what people were wearing in the streets. (side note – my favorite place to observe fashion is airports)

I started scouring consignment stores, second hand stores, garage sales, estate sales, asking for friends and families hand me downs and trying to bring life to these clothes that were in other words.. ‘tossed aside.’

I found new meaning in these clothes and different ways to style them. BONUS! its environmentally friendly and I’ve always been a little granola. So, that was a great feeling for me to know that I can find a new owner to love this piece and it wasn’t going to sit in a landfill.

Did you know that 2,700 liters of water is used to produce a single t-shirt? To put that into perspective, thats roughly 900 gallons! 

So, feel free to shop my current and vintage selections and feel good knowing that you’re doing your part in eliminating textile waste on our Mother Earth. (We only have one! lets treat her good, y’know?!)

Rest easy and know that all items undergo an extensive process of evaluation, are laundered and steamed before shipping off, ensuring that we are providing you with today’s top brands and yesterdays best vintage finds at a fraction of the cost.

Thank you for stopping by!

With Love & Gratitude,